various records


On the north side of my uncle's sunken family room lived a magnificent, solid wall of vinyl records. It took a 10-foot tall library ladder to reach Aerosmith's Toys in the Attic! That memory stayed with me my entire life.

Decades later, he asked me if I wanted to inherit that vast collection. As tempting as that sounded, where do you put a two-ton stack of wax when you live in a deteriorating Craftsman from 1910? You put it on the back bar wall of Revolver! from my uncle's man-cave to the turntables of Revolver, we offer this wealth of musical history along with additional and generous donations from amazing friends, patrons and family.

What can be better than kicking back with a classic cocktail and listening to your favorite albums? At Revolver, all we play is vinyl. From the best classic albums of all times to the hippest new artist. Sit back, order up some shareable nibbles and a bevvy and sink into an entire album side, the way the artist intended it to be heard.

—Gary Reynolds, owner