Help us celebrate HALF A DECADE of Vinyl, Booze and Food with Jazz Brunch, DJs and raffle prizes galore!

Things kick off at noon, with brunch served until 3pm and DJ VI spinning jazz until 2pm. From there, ten DJs take their turns on the turntables while we raffles off prizes ranging from portable turntables and gift certificates to local record stores to Revolver swag that includes bar tabs, t-shirts, and hoodies.

2:00 PM DJ Nick Fenton
3:00 PM Abbie (KEXP)
4:00 PM DJ dB Cooper
5:00 PM DJ RightTernes
6:00 PM Kave In
7:00 PM Glitterlizard
8:00 PM DJ Mama Kay
9:00 PM DJ Emmanuelle
10:00 PM DJ Roaringblood
11:00 PM DJ Nasty Nams

Here's to the next next five years and beyond!